How to prevent frequent cold in Autumn

If there are someone in your company has a frequent cold or flu then you should stay away from them at least 2 seats. If you can’t move your position, just open windows to reduce the risk of getting the disease.

  1. Warming up your nose

A professor from Research Center for colds explained that we have a cold and cases of flu more in winter is because our noses are colder, which lead to reduced resistance to infections. If the weather is cold, wear a turban around your neck, over your nose to keep it warm.

  1. Do not shake hands

A new study showed that shaking hands will  transmit bacterias 10 to 20 times more than just fisting bump. Shaking hands are longer and contact in a larger area of the hand. A  biochemistry expert said that who hold the most tightly is the one who transmit the most bacteria of frequent cold.

  1. Washing clothes with hot water

Viruses of the flu can live in water over 40oC, so if your family has someone who has a frequent cold, you should wash and soak their clothes in hot water or using washing powder with  antibacterial substance.

A strong sneeze can release  droplets of the split which bring more than 100.000 bacterias into the air within 3.5 meters.

  1. Eating less sugar

Studies showed that when  volunteers eat 100 grams of sugar every day,  immune cells eliminate fewer bacteria than usual, and this phenomenon lasts for 5 hours. Therefore, eating less sugar may increase the chance of active immune cells of frequent cold.

  1. Sleeping enough for 8 hours

If you can not sleep enough for 7 hours every night, you will be easy to have a frequent cold or flu 3 times more than who sleeps for 8 hours.  The interrupted sleep or insomnia are affecting to TLR9 the immune gene.

  1. The rule of 2 seats

According to Australian experts, the risk of frequent cold will raise if you sit next to an infected person within 2 seats. If you see someone is sneezing and coughing then you should stay away from them such as switching seats. If you can not move to other position then open a window. Experts said that sitting for 90 minutes in the same car with cold or flu patients will cause 99.9% of the risk to be the next infected one. But this risk will reduce to 20% if you just open a window.



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