Ms symptoms

Ms or multiple sclerosis usually causes infection and if the situation is continuous for several times, it will destroy the myelin membrane of the nerve, leaving many scars in tissue across the coating of nerve cells, which leads to slow down or block electrical nerve impulse transmission. Then knowing ms symptoms is very important because it’s quite familiar:

Fatigue: this is the most popular one of ms symptoms among patients, it effect to 80% of them. Fatigue due to multiple sclerosis is worse at the end of the day. It’s not just simply being tired as other diseases, fatigue due to Ms is serious, even when you have already had a good night sleep. It’s difficult to explain this symptom to your friends or relatives in the family to understand, the fatigue effects all your activities at any time. Fatigue treatment by staying away from stresses or using energy supplements for the body.

Numbness: numbness or itches is also other popular ms symptoms. According to Msn, more than half of multiple sclerosis patients all experienced those symptoms. Patients may feel rashes, burn and they can feel it on their face, arms or legs. Walking could be difficult if those symptoms are on their foot. But it will disappear without treatment.

The difficulty of walking: according to experts, Ms symptoms such as numbness, weakness, balancing problems and fatigue can make walking be a difficult task. This is called gait disorder, it can come and go without notice. Treatment for this symptom is physiotherapy or assistive devices with a stick or walker. A new medicine named Ampyra is also proved to improve the walking speed to 25%.

Bladder dysfunction: about 80% of multiple sclerosis patients experience some problems with urination at some point, including the frequency of urinating more than usual, difficulty urinating… Bladder dysfunction happens when multiple sclerosis attacks the nerves that control the bladder. It can lead to a condition called spastic bladder, which means bladder can not hold much urine. Treatment of bladder dysfunction drug can limit the amount of liquid and consumed at once, especially before bedtime.



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