Normal symptoms of cirrhosis

Pain in lower ribs and abdominal distention night be the first symptoms of cirrhosis. These symptoms are not typical so are easy to be skipped.

Cirrhosis occurs in both adults and children. This is the kind of disease which progresses slowly, the symptoms are only clear when the disease was very severe with serious complications, the treatment will be difficult. Therefore, patients should be detected early and treated promptly.

Before cirrhosis, most patients suffering from liver diseases such as viral hepatitis, alcoholism. Advanced cirrhosis into 2 main stages:

Early stage (hidden): symptoms are rare, patients may only feel a slight pain in lower ribs and abdominal distention, dilation of  microvascular in neck and face… many cases do not have  clinical symptoms, the patients can still work or study as usual. This stage can last for weeks or for months, even for years. Because there are not any typical symptoms so the patients can skip them and do not have any health check or have a reasonable healthy diet. Many patients still use alcohol, beer, tobacco… and other toxic things to liver… which make  cirrhosis be more serious at next stages.

Late stages: there are more typical symptoms then the patients go to check. The most typical symptoms are the liver failure and portal hypertension.  Status as fibrosis liver function decline, leading to fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss, digestive disorders, dyspepsia, afraid of fat, bowel disorders. Besides,  patients prone to bleeding under the skin and mucous membranes, such as nosebleeds, bleeding tooth. Some patients have darker skin because of  pigment deposition or yellow eyes, jaundice accompanied by itching, especially in the case of cholestatic cirrhosis.

Compliance is a prominent symptom of patients with cirrhosis. At first, there is compliance in legs, the worse liver failure the patients may get compliance for the whole body. Also, cirrhosis also affects the endocrine function of the body. Men with reduced expression of sexual desire, testicular atrophy, enlarged breasts. Female have menstrual disorders or amenorrhea.

The situation of portal hypertension is often present with the phenomenon of collateral circulation. At first, the veins in the nose loom breast and right upper quadrant, then develop gradually clear, with tufts of seeing each emerging veins. At this time, the patient may have internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, gastrointestinal bleeding due to rupture of the veins in the esophagus and stomach. Portal vein pressure increased as patients with ascites, bloated belly. Ascites paracentesis usually yellow, pink, if any, they may have developed  cirrhosis to liver cancer.



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