When do you need lower back pain treatment?

When you can’t stand straight, have back pain with hot fever, pain associated loss of bowel control, the situation of the sore foot and leg weakness is getting worse… you should see a doctor immediately for a lower back pain treatment.

Bulged or herniated disk

When a herniated disc occurs, mucus inside the disc will overflow through thick fibrous capsule surrounded at the outer, then press jump will put pressure on the nerve roots and cause back pain, and may include under pain spreading down the leg or not. Depending the degree pinched or damaged and location herniated disk occurs, the patient may present with hip pain, leg or foot pain. Lower back pain in general location is scattered and it’s difficult to locate the pain area. However, leg pain, often accompanied by sensory disturbances by segment with nerve root stimulation.

Degenerative disc disease

It is related to the aging of the spine. When we are old, the body will have changes in cells. The older we get, the more dehydrated degenerative disc has and causes the reduce of shape and height, which affects the disc between two vertebrae are shorter and narrower hole complex.

The operation of the front disc and rear spine joints are necessary, when there is an abnormal pressure on the lower back, it will spread to the front. When this pressure overloads for two joint area, it will do so discovered how the joints, the bones that make up the bud and reduce the movement of the joints of the spine. While this phenomenon occurs, the body will find a way to stop these abnormal movements, or otherwise heal. The bone protruded formed, the process development joint area to hold the spine, but the treatment itself can cause spinal stenosis, a narrow hole which combines irritate nerves and cause lower back pain. Therefore, a lower back pain treatment can not completely help you out of the situation but it will reduce the serious symptoms.

The best lower back pain treatment to prevent injuries is to practice to get the flexibility and robustness of muscles and joints in the body, which can help prevent injuries and damage. With a few simple back pain cases, these exercises can help reduce pain episodes. But when pain is not relieved, you need to visit a specialist in spine problems.



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