Compared to countries such as the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada or compared with Singapore – a country that belongs to Asia, the cost of studying in Korea is reasonable and affordable for international students. Therefore, the number of international students in Korea increased rapidly. To help parents and students get an overview of the costs of studying abroad in South Korea 2019, we will help you provide the following information.

We will estimate the total cost one international student spending in Korea in terms of: the costs of study and the costs of living.

As for tuition, you can rest assured that there is no difference between Korean students and international students. Many good learners are also more likely to receive scholarships to reduce the economic burden.

ClassificationClassification by industry groupCost (USD, 1 semester standard)
CollegesHumane Society$1,500~$6,200
Natural Sciences$1,800~$6,300
Cultural and Artistic $1,700~$7,300
Science Technology$1,700~$6,200
UniversitiesHumane Society$1,600~$7,400
Natural Sciences$1,800~$8,400
Cultural and Artistic $1,900~$8,500
Science Technology$1,800~$8,300
MastersHumane Society$1,100~$13,300
Natural Sciences$1,500~$8,600
Cultural and Artistic $1,500~$6,400
Science Technology$1,600~$20,900
Enrollment fee$60-$150

There are many other expenses when studying in Korea, which depends a lot on the cost of living of each person. Depending on the region, the school and the way of spending by the individual, the cost of studying abroad in Korea is different, but the items that need to be prepared mainly include books, food and water, electricity and transport fees is, health insurance and extracurricular activities of students.

When preparing to study in Korea, you need to find out how much money is in the dormitory, and that amount includes all the expenses such as internet, food, electricity and water. Each area and school will have different rates but usually in the case of not including food and food costs and have to prepare their own supplies, bed, phone at most, about $ 100- $ 150/1 month.

The common dormitory in most Korean universities has between 2-3 people. Each person is equipped with 1 bed, 1 cabinet, 1 set of study tables and chairs, 1 internet cable (free access). Each floor will have 1 washing machine, 1 table for shared use. Depending on the dormitory, the toilet is shared with each floor or each room. Some schools have separate dormitories for students, International students can have separate kitchen cooking areas for students to cook on their own.

The cost for a 4-month semester includes accommodation in hostels for around $ 200 – $ 250 depending on the season and the cost of living in each city. The amount of dormitory depends on whether or not food is included. If you eat at a school cafeteria, it will cost about $ 300 / month, about $ 2.5 – $ 3/1 meal. Self-cooking room rents are about $ 300 / month, and you have to deposit $ 3,000 – $ 5,000 in equipment.

Health insurance for international students in Korea: about $ 20 – $ 30/1 month.

If you go to study abroad in Korea, you should stay in the school dormitory instead of renting the house outside because the cost of eating outside, travel conditions, daily activities are also more difficult in the dormitory much.

Although there are many differences between regions and from time to time, only about $ 350 – $ 450 / month, you can live quite comfortably. This level of expense is quite cheap compared to studying in the UK, Australia, USA, and Canada … And schools in Korea also have many scholarship programs to help students reduce their economic burden.

The support for many international students in Korea such as scholarships, accommodation, reduced complex regulations, job applications after graduation … of the Korean Government made the selection of Korea a country to learn and experience at an affordable cost is even more attractive.

In addition, Korean schools offer an opportunity to allow international students to work an additional 28 hours per week during the course and 8 hours / day during vacations with an income of $ 7 – $ 9. Therefore, in addition to studying time in class, you can actively go to work, just to add more cost and experience life in the beautiful country which was only seen through movies.

In conclusion, this article hopes that you can find useful information and have the best preparation if you have intension to study abroad in Korea.

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